• Step 1 : Make sure your university has an agreement with UCA in your subject area. You can consult the list of agreements here.
  • Step 2 : Contact the international office at your home university so that they can nominate you.
  • Step 3 : Make your on-line application using the MoveON form here. Please note, that the application will not support Microsoft email addresses such as @hotmail, @msn ,@live, @outlook, so please use another email account when creating your MoveON account.
  • Step 4 : Make sure you have filled in all the compulsory fields and have attached all the necessary documents. You can submit your application once all the sections of the menu have been checked green. You will not be able to change your application once it has been submitted.
  • Necessary documents
    • Learning agreement
    • Accommodation request
    • ID photo
    • Photocopy of your passport or identity card.
    • Mobility certificate from your home institution
  • Deadlines
    • 15 May for 1st semester mobility (September/January) and annual mobility
    • 15 November for second semester mobility (February/June)

If your application is accepted, you will receive an email during the first two weeks of July (Fall semester) or of December (Spring semester), together with your acceptance letter and your learning agreement, duly signed by the professor in charge of your exchange.

If you have made a request for accommodation in university dormitories, you will receive an answer (positive or negative) by 15 July at the latest.

Please note that we will be unable to consider your application without all the necessary documents and signatures