You should first carefully consult what programmes UCA has to offer and make sure that we have the right diploma and/or field of study for you.

Ist year undergraduate (Licence 1) : Preliminary Request for Admission (Demande d’admission Préalable : DAP)

Since the beginning of the academic year 2014/2015, all foreign applicants for a first registration in 1st year undergraduate programmes must make this request (DAP).

This DAP procedure is for all foreign students from outside the EU, The EEA or the Swiss confederation who are holders of a foreign diploma of secondary education and wishing to apply for admission in a 1st year undergraduate programme or the 1st foundation year of health studies (PACES) in a French university.

Since the beginning of 2017/2018, students can chose three programmes even if they are not in the same field. Nevertheless, the applicant should show that the choices are coherent. The DAP will be examined by a special commission, but before the commission meets we are unable to give any information concerning the acceptance or refusal of any individual DAP.

There are two types of Preliminary Request for Admission (DAP :
  • The “green request” if you live in France
  • The “white request” if you live elsewhere
Following this procedure, candidates (exceptions admitted) will be summoned to take a French language test (TCF) to determine their ability to follow classes taught in French. The price of this test is 69€ for 2017/2018.

There is a very strict calendar for this procedure which needs to be respected: the Preliminary Request for Admission (DAP) must be obtained before 15th November and submitted before 22nd January of the year of your departure.

You live in France

You must download the “green request” on the website of the French Higher education Ministry

You must then go to the Study Management Office (Direction des Enseignements) at UCA, with the following documents. (original or copy) :
  • Your foreign secondary education diploma and French translation
  • Proof of admission into university in your home country and a translation (e.g. for China : GAOKAO), if the foreign secondary education diploma is insufficient.
A summons will then be issued for the return of the completed DAP.

Youl live abroad

Countries with Campus France

You must follow the on-line Campus France procedure and download the “white request” (e.g. for Algeria :
Please note that you must simultaneously apply for your Preliminary Admission Application Form and your long-stay visa for France. You must complete and submit a "white file" to the Cultural Service of the French Embassy of the country of residence.

For other countries

The “green request” may be obtained for the Cultural Cooperation Serive (SCAC) at the French embassy or downloaded on the website of the French Higher education Ministry.

Exemptions from the DAP procedure

  • Students from the EU, EEA and Swiss confederation
  • Foreign students holding a French baccalaureate diploma, or proof of exemption from baccalaureate by national legislation, or holders of a European baccalaureate.
  • Foreigners studying in France through governmental agreements or bilateral university agreements
  • Foreigners being able to show that they were registered in higher education in a French institution in the year prior to that of their request (DAP). This is the case for students registered on the DUEF programme at the Centre FLEURA)
  • Foreign students receiving a grant from the French government, international organisations or foreign governments for which the grants are administered by an approved French organization
  • Stateless students, refugees or the beneficiaries of subsidiary protection
  • Children of diplomats working and living in France
If you meet any of these exemption situations, the university reserves the right to verify your foreign diploma necessary to enter higher education and to make sure that your level of French language comprehension is compatible with the studies you wish to undertake. You are strongly advised to contact the university in order to know what language requirements are necessary.

2nd and 3r year undergraduate education and above

To enter 2nd and 3rd year undergraduate and above, a request must be made directly to the faculty (UFR), school or institute which runs the programme in which you wish to enroll. Requests made by email will not be taken into consideration.

Some countries have put in place an online application system which is compulsory for any visa application.

Campus France Members

UCA is a partner of Campus France which managed the applications from foreign students from member countries (37 countries).
It is therefore possible to make a single application for several universities.
The online procedure starts in October and finishes in the following February and guarantees an answer from the university in March, which means you are able to plan ahead for your studies in France and prepare all the things you need to do.
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